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Venezuela to denounce right-wing's attacks before international agencies

Venezuela is going to denounce the aggressions carried out by right-wing groups against universities, libraries and cultural centers across the country before international organizations, informed President Nicolas Maduro.

Foreign minister Elias Jaua has been entrusted to prepare and file the complaint "before international organizations and to submit evidence of the burning of colleges, libraries, cultural centers and squares, of the attacks of intolerance [and] hatred, for the world to know the reality of actions carried out by the extreme right, which has even used symbols of Nazism," Maduro said during the closing of the tenth international book fair.

In addition, president Maduro denounced a campaign carried out by the media to make the right-wing violent actions invisible.

"None of the agencies, television and 82 newspapers in America have not said a word about that a public university in Venezuela was burnt and that 15 universities have been attacked. That is not said, that is silenced," said the President.

Likewise, the Venezuelan President questioned that opposition supporters attack institutions and sources of knowledge.

"If they seize power through a coup d'état, which would be their measures for culture? How would they treat human beings, the youth? If counterrevolution reaches its goals, what would happen to our youth?," Maduro wondered.

About the matter, he requested on intellectuals, writers and journalists to inform the world about fascist targets of right-wing groups in Venezuela.

AVN / Press – Venezuelan Embassy in the US / March 24, 2014

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