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Today is the International Day Against Racial Discrimination

The Bolivarian Revolution Has Worked to Eradicate all Forms of Discrimination

The United Nations, in order to renew their commitment to work against racism, celebrates the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination every March 21.

In Venezuela, the Bolivarian Revolution has worked to eradicate all forms of discrimination.  To this end, the government has developed legal tools such as 2011’s Organic Law Against Racial Discrimination of 2011 to establish appropriate mechanisms to prevent, respond to, punish and eradicate racial discrimination in all its forms form, thereby ensuring all persons and groups of people the exercise of the rights and duties enshrined in the Constitution and laws, as well as treaties, covenants and conventions on human rights signed and ratified by the Republic.

There has also been unprecedented progress in combating the historical legacy of racism and in recognizing the national importance of African heritage, which has been made possible by government initiatives, including:

It has also been unprecedented progress in combating the historical legacy of racism and recognize the national importance of African heritage , which has been made possible by government initiatives , among which :

•The Council for the Development of Afro-Descendent Communities (2012).

•The inclusion of Afro-descendents in the census (2011).

•The Education Law recognizing Afro-Descendents (2009).

•The creation of the Presidential Commission for the Prevention and Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination in the Educational System (2005).

•The celebration of May as the Month of Afro-Descendents and May 10 as Afro-Venezuelan Day (2005).

•The creation of the Ministry of Culture’s Liaison Office for Afro-Descendent Communities (2005).

•The creation of social missions to reduce poverty among historically marginalized groups (since 2003).

•A voter registration rate of 97% due to civic campaigns by the National Electoral Council targeting disenfranchised poor and rural populations (since 2001).

•The new Constitution which states that Venezuela is a “multicultural and multiethnic society” guided by the principle of equality among cultures (1999).

Reason for date

The reason for this date is that this day in 1960 , police fired on a peaceful demonstration in Sharpeville , South Africa protesting against the pass laws of apartheid.

The UN through this day wants to remind its intention to combat and eradicate racism , racial discrimination , xenophobia and related intolerance all forms that are held in different parts of the world .

YVKE Mundial / Press-Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S. / March 21, 2014

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