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Venezuela asks for UNASUR accompaniment for peace dialogue with the U.S.

Venezuela’s government requested that the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR) accompany high level peace dialogue between the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Government of the United States.

President Maduro made announced this on Tuesday night, when he also designated Diosdado Cabello to lead the commission for talk between the two nations.

“I designated my colleague Diosdado Cabelo to take action to establish a high level commission for dialogue between Venezuela, the Government of the U.S. and UNASUR,” Maduro said.

During his radio program that night, the President explained that he asked that UNASUR “accompany, in a formal manner, this initiative for dialogue and peace so that Obama acknowledges where he has taken us: a point of no return, a dead end in relation to Venezuela and all of Latin America.”

YVKE Mundial / Press – Venezuelan Embassy in the US /March 19, 2014

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