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Consulate of San Francisco hosts exhibit, "Timeline of the Life of Commander Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías"

As commemoration of the First Anniversary of the physical departure of President Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias and as part of the Global Event "Chávez was Here", the General Consulate in San Francisco is hosting an exhibit showcasing the “Timeline of the Life of Hugo Chavez” in chronological order; mentioned exhibit is based on the permanent public display at the ‘’Mountain Barrack” (Cuartel de la Montaña).  The opening of the event was attended by the Consul Generals of, Colombia, Nicaragua and Peru, as well as member of the CELAC, whom along with Venezuelans and friendly nations, paid tribute to Commander Chavez.

 Consul General Tibisay Lugo, made the opening remarks, emphasizing on President Chavez’s virtues, which led him to become a global leader of all time: his honesty, his commitment for the struggle of the peoples, his ability to establish a connection with the people, his ability to fulfill his promises -something never done by any other politician in the nation- as well as his extraordinary permanent commitment to work for the economic and social development in Venezuela and Latin America, aiming at the welfare of all its inhabitants.

Similarly, the General Consul of Nicaragua took advantage of the opportunity to show his gratitude to the Bolivarian Government, by highlighting the social achievements being experienced in his country, as a result of the various mechanisms of integration and cooperation with the countries of Central and South America promoted and supported by the Bolivarian Revolution.

Finally, the ceremony closed with the presentation of a small quartet of violinists belonging to the Stocton Harmony System, a program consisting in rescuing youth at risk, through the promotion of music as a tool of rescue. The program’s coordinator, Margaret Gonzalez, noted the words of Mother Teresa, "poverty’s worst faculty is not the absence of bread or roof, but the feeling that you are nobody."  In this regard, she emphasized "that the child's development within the orchestra provides a noble sense of identity, transforming the participants into role models for the family and the community, as well as, into better students and citizens, imposing a sense of discipline, consistency and timeliness."

In addition to giving the public a beautiful prayer for peace, the quartet interpreted three beautiful pieces: Amazing Grace, Guabina and a favorite of President Chavez: Venezuela.

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