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A Year After his Passing, Hugo Chávez Will Be Paid Tribute to for 10 Days

In the U.S., The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in Washington D.C. , will be having a closing ceremony of the Global Event “Chavez was Here” to commemorate this important date [March 5].

A ten-day journey will be carried out beginning this coming March 5 to honor the memory of Commander Hugo Chávez, on the occasion of the first anniversary of his passing.

Installing a national peace conference, attended by several sectors of the country, Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro remarked about the legacy of the Bolivarian Revolution's leader.
President Maduro recalled that pacification in Venezuela is part of the influence of his ideas, "which have paved the way to the 21st century."

The office of the Vice-Presidency informed that Cuartel de la Montaña, in downtown Caracas, where Hugo Chávez rests, will be closed until next Tuesday to prepare activities to honor the socialist leader.

Chávez physically accompanied his countrymen until March 5, 2013. His legacy has remained alive in his social programs, achievements and works such as the Bolivarian Constitution, and the government plan of 2013-2019, among other things.

AVN- Press-Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S/ February 28/ 2014

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