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Venezuelan President appeals for peace among all sectors

President Nicolas Maduro appealed to all citizens for peace and non violence as the way for the Venezuelan society to reunite and move on.

\"On behalf of parents, grandparents, children, on behalf of the ideal of our liberators, I appeal to everybody for peace. I pray for peace and not violence. Violence is not the way to help Venezuela,\" said Maduro in the national peace conference, carried out last Wednesday night.

At Miraflores Presidential Palace, in Caracas, the President remarked the need of having a method to work for a great peace summit, aimed at eliminating violence in the country.

\"This is the path. There is not other,\" Maduro stressed in the conference attended by members of his government, deputies, students, artists, private and public businesspeople, media representatives, home he called on \"completing a cycle of building peace and coexistence.\"

Peace based on Constitution


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