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Democratic character of the Bolivarian Government ratifies human rights in Venezuela

Caracas, February 13, 2014 ( MPPRE ) - . Minister of People’s  Power for Foreign Affairs , Elias Jaua , said that the violent events this February 12 in Caracas, are a result of the Bolivarian Government has denounced before the international community " first to defeat President Hugo Chavez and now comrade Nicolas Maduro " .

Speaking to CNN , he said that it was the group of students taken by  Leopoldo López , which destroyed the office of the Prosecutor General of the Republic , generating a situation of violence leaving a balance of two killed and several wounded by which ensured that the judiciary will determine the conditions under which the events took place and noted that because there are 30 people detained .

The Minister said that there was “a clear political responsibility of groups and actors who have permanently organized and led these acts of violence." He recalled that it is not the first time that opposition forces used weapons to cause clashes between Venezuelan and justify situations such as the April 11, 2002.

"What is not said and it is public, is the group of people destroying the headquarters of the Attorney General of the Republic, with a building full of people, prosecutors, secretaries, administrative staff, workers who were subjected to an attack discriminated firebomb with stones where it burned were eight police patrols,” he said.

Jaua reported that officials of the National Bolivarian Police (PNB ) , who were in the vicinity of Parque Carabobo , were not armed with ammunition other than those permitted under crowd control when they confront violent and tense situation they are dispersed with tear gas.

He said that the police forces of the nation, over the last fifteen years have never used firearms against peaceful demonstrations and emphasized that this situation was common in governments of the Fourth Republic. When asked if he saw photographs of armed GNP Jaua replied, “I have not seen those pictures but if you can tell how images are made and as a slaughter was mounted to frame the Chavez government.”

He asserted that he does not know any country in the world where the police are unarmed and in the case of strained concentrations, proportional weaponry used the use of forces and said that in Venezuela any violent deed has gone unpunished and opposition groups have always been found guilty.

Minister Elias Jaua argued that if right now there was a violent demonstration in the United States, which is declaring that it will kill the president of the American nation, " something would happen so that Venezuela has the right to live in peace as has the United States and have all the countries of the world . "

He stressed that the Bolivarian Government is committed to ensuring public order , " but here the violence the is causing a fascist core violent opposition and that is what has generated this situation of violence and confrontation and President Nicolas Maduro - in context of laws - has been contained and appease to truncate Venezuela plans to bring chaos and confrontation highest character. "

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