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Venezuela Reiterates Willingness for Positive Relations with U.S.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro expressed on Wednesday the willingness of his government to establish fluid relations and communication with the United States based on mutual respect between the countries.

“We’re ready to sit down at any table for dialogue to address bilateral issues and see if at some point we can achieve optimal positive relations,” he said in his annual address to lawmakers in Venezuela’s National Assembly.

He indicated that the government intends to resume conversations on the issues that were discussed in a meeting last year between Foreign Minister Elias Jaua and Secretary of State John Kerry, but called on President Obama to closely review his policies and “understand once and for all that, thanks to the Bolivarian Revolution of [Hugo] Chavez, Venezuela is a truly independent and sovereign country, and the Americas are on an inexorable march toward the consolidation of their second and definitive independence.”

The United States has two options, Maduro said: “to try to revert the evident decline of its power, which would undoubtedly present very dangerous situations for world peace, or seek to renegotiate its relationship with the world, accepting in a realistic manner that it is an old power.”

The unipolar geopolitical arrangement that the U.S. government tried to impose on the world, Maduro suggested, “is a thing of the past. The global reality has changed substantially in recent years.”

In his speech presenting a review of 2013, the Venezuelan leader also recalled the U.S. civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on the 85th anniversary of his birth.

AVN / Press – Venezuelan Embassy to the US / January 16, 2014

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