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Venezuela Strengthening its Citizen Security System

The Venezuelan government is advancing in the installation of its Integrated Monitoring and Assistance System (SIMA) to reinforce peace and security for all citizens, said the Minister of the Interior, Justice and Peace Miguel Rodríguez Torres on Sunday.

In various messages on his Twitter account, @RodriguezT_MIJP, the minister indicated that he was attending a meeting to evaluate the project, which is designed to optimize the response capacity of security forces in Venezuela.

SIMA involves the installation of some 30,000 security cameras in 16 locations throughout the country, through which State security institutions will monitor, in real time, the most vulnerable sectors with the highest crime rates in order to immediately report any irregularities.

Meanwhile, Rodríguez Torres announced that policies are still being discussed with regard to motorcyclists.

“Our society should be an example of justice, stability and peace. We hope to count on the motorcyclists to achieve that!” he wrote on Twitter.

AVN / Press- Venezuelan Embassy to the US / January 13, 2014

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