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Bolivarian Government to Invest $5 Billion in Housing and Industry

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, announced Saturday that an accord with the People’s Republic of China will provide $5 billion to the government’s Great Housing Mission next year.

“These are 5 billion dollars that are coming to Venezuela for the development of new neighborhoods, industries, transit and technology,” Maduro said during the inauguration of the Bolivarian Armed Force Television channel.

In an interview via satellite with Elías Jaua, president of the Corporation for the Comprehensive Development of Miranda (a Venezuelan state), President Maduro stressed the importance of the agreement with China in helping make former President Hugo Chávez’s vision a reality.  Jaua was speaking from the Hugo Chávez Community Development in Caucauga, where 480 homes were handed over to Venezuelan families.

“When we give [families] the keys to these homes, we are establishing many things, first among which is the dream of our Commander [Chávez].  We are the guarantee of the continuation and realization of our nation’s great dreams,” Maduro emphasized.

In this context, the President thanked Chinese President Xi Jinping for the 23 agreements signed during the 12th High Level Mixed Commission which took place in September in Beijing.  He also lauded China “for the great changes in transforming China into a superpower for peace and development that brings balance to the world, as was dreamt by the Liberator, Simón Bolívar.”

Correo del Orinoco / Press – Venezuelan Embassy in the US / December 30, 2013

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