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Pro-Chávez Candidates Won 76.4% of Mayoral Posts in Venezuela

Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE) has released the official results of the municipal elections last Sunday, according to which candidates identified as pro-Chávez (belonging the United Socialist Party or PSUV and its allies) won 76.42% of the mayoral posts nationwide, including in the capital city of Caracas.

Meanwhile, candidates of the right-wing Mesa de la Unidad (MUD) won 22.69% of mayoral posts.
Out of the 335 cities and towns in Venezuela, the PSUV and its associated Gran Polo Patriótoco (GPP) triumphed in a total of 242, while alternative candidates that are also pro-Chávez won in another 13, including in the District of Alto Apure.

Candidates of other political parties – neither affiliated with PSUV nor MUD – won in five municipalities.

AVN / Press – Venezuelan Embassy to the US / December 11, 2013

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