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Vice Minister for North America: Venezuela Regrets the Lack of Commitment from Developed Countries in Fighting Climate Change

Venezuela’s Vice Minister for North America, Claudia Salerno, said on Thursday that as climate related tragedies mount, the lack of commitment among developed countries in the fight against climate change becomes even more notorious.

During her speech at the High Level Segment to the United Nations Convention on Climate Change in Warsaw, Poland, she stressed that developing nations are taking the lead in mitigation.

“As climate tragedies grow worse and multiply, the lack of commitment among developed countries in the struggle against climate change becomes overwhelming,” she said.

Furthermore, Salerno rejected the fact that developed countries are against the creation of a mechanism to compensate vulnerable nations for the harms suffered due to climate change.

She reiterated that the Venezuelan government is in the process of creating a National Plan for Adaptation and Mitigation in the struggle against climate change.

Click here to learn more about the Vice Minister’s positions in an interview by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now.

AVN / Press – Venezuelan Embassy in the US / November 22, 2013

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