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Venezuela Rejects Declarations Made by the State Department Spokesperson

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela expresses its deepest, categorical and emphatic rejection of declarations made yesterday by the State Department spokesperson, Jen Psaki, about our Nation’s approval of an Enabling Law.

These declarations are more proof of the interference by United States authorities in our country’s domestic affairs.  They constitute an action that demonstrates how the Venezuelan opposition shamelessly implements an agenda, put forth by the State Department of the United States, to destabilize our nation.

The Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela draws attention to this serious ignorance of the reality of our country and legal system, and in particular of our Constitution, which allows enabling the President of the Republic to issue decrees and laws with the extent, rank and force of law, if approved, as is it in this case, by the appropriate majority in the National Assembly.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela denounces to the world, that the Government of the United States uses its bought-and-paid-for Venezuelan opposition to implement its plan of willfully ignoring Venezuela’s constitutional order.

Finally, the Government and people of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela reaffirm that its institutions are sovereign, free and independent to act according to constitutional principles in order to protect Venezuelans.

Caracas, November 21, 2013

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