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Social Mission Ribas Celebrates 10 Years of Continuing Education

Thanks to the Bolivarian Revolution, millions of Venezuelan adults have had the opportunity to continue their studies, graduate from high school, as well as have a profession, incomes and contribute to society, said Orlando Oregano, president of the  Misison Ribas Foundation.

During a television interview, Oregano spoke of the 10th anniversary of this program, which was created by President Hugo Chávez to give educational opportunities to the many Venezuelan who had been previously excluded from the system.

In these first 10 years, Mission Ribas has not only offered high school education to adults, but it has also enabled them to lead “more dignified lives.  That is the most substantial change one can see today after someone graduates from Mission Ribas,” Ortegano explained.

On completing the program “they are graduates with comprehensive training [who] not only have a technical diploma and work training, but also have a greater role and are leaders in their communities,” he highlighted.
The goal of Mission Ribas is to incorporate people into the education system who were unable or unwilling to finish high school.  This social mission also tries to give future graduates the training necessary for them to be able to solve their community’s problems and participate in the country’s productive economy.  On November 17, 2003, Mission Ribas launched the first of its classes for its 400,000 students.

AVN / Press – Venezuelan Embassy to the US / November 15, 2013

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