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Venezuelan Consulate Celebrates Independence Day in San Francisco

In commemoration of the 202nd anniversary of the signing of Venezuela’s Declaration of Independence, the General Consulate of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in San Francisco placed flowers in front of the statue of Simón Bolívar, ‘El Libertador’, during a ceremony in United Nations Plaza.  The event featured the participation of Miriam Rosado, General Consul of Ecuador, who accompanied Tibisay Lugo, Venezual’s General Consul, in placing the flowers in front of Bolívar, who is a founding father of both countries.

Consul Lugo noted that her speech would be based on Venezuela’s National Anthem, ‘Glory to the Brave People’, “because its lyrics summarize the heroic achievements of our Liberator and his army that liberated five countries: Bolivia, Colombia (including what is now Panama), Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.”  She said that “our ‘Glory to the Brave People’ is a patriotic song that now more than ever invites the peoples of the Greater Homeland to be united in their struggle for wellbeing and justice for everyone, as is noted in the third stanza: United with bonds formed in heaven, the entire Americas exists as one Nation, and if despotism rises anew, follow the example Caracas gave.”

Following the singing of Venezuela’s anthem, the ceremony ended with a minute of silence in tribute to President Chávez, on what marked the four month anniversary of his lamentable and painful passing.

Consulate of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in San Francisco / July 7, 2013

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