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New Supreme Court President: We're Building a Legal System for the People

The new president of Venezuela's Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), judge Gladys Maria Gutiérrez, said Wednesday that in the country's search to perfect the judicial system, the central aim continues to be the construction of a legal environment that is truly for the people.

"We are going to continue taking into account the discussion and proposals of the organized communities, as TSJ has been doing so far, in efforts that has been broadly recognized," Gutiérrez said in her first press conference.

She said that in the coming days she will meet with outgoing Supreme Court President Luisa Estella Morales to discuss the request by right-wing parties to challenge the results of the April 14 elections.

"Judges for their decisions," she said. "In the coming days you will learn about the requests by different social actors, and, as usual, and adequate response given scrupulously in compliance with the Constitution and national laws."

Gutiérrez said she will remain in her position as president of the Judicial Commission of the TSJ, where work will be done to advance the issue of competence among judges, who in addition to being public servants must also serve as moral examples.

Regarding the designation of new authorities for the auxiliary bodies of the TSJ, Gutiérrez announced that heads of the court will meet week to decide whether or not to restructure the current leadership of the executive office, the office of inspection, and TSJ’s school.

AVN/ Press – Venezuelan Embassy the US/ May 9, 2013

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