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Nicolas Maduro Proclaimed President of Venezuela

On Monday, the National Electoral Council (CNE) proclaimed Nicolas Maduro Pres. – elect of Venezuela after Sunday’s presidential elections, having obtained 7,563,747 votes which is equivalent to 50.75% of the votes.

CNE Pres. Tibisay Lucena announced that the anti-Chavez candidate, Henrique Capriles, earned 48.97%, or 7,298,491 votes.

The candidate from the political party Nuvipa, José Eusebio Méndez, obtained 19,462 votes (0.13%); María Bolívar of Democrático Unido por la Paz y la Libertad had 13,274 votes (0.08%); Reina Sequera of the Labor Party had 4,225 votes (0.02%); and Julio Ramón Mora of Unidad Democrática had 1,925 votes (0.01%).

Lucena also said that a total of 14,967,737 voters cast ballots last Sunday, for a total voter participation rate of 79.17%

“In view of previous results of tallying four presidential elections in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the national electoral Council acts in accordance with article 33, number six, of the Law on the Electoral Power; article 7, 144, 152 and 153, of the Law on Electoral Processes; articles 340, 374, number one, 383, 85, 387 and 392 of the General Ruling of the Law on Electoral Processes; and as a result proceeds in proclaiming as President of the Republic citizen Nicolas Maduro,” Lucena said at the headquarters of the CNE in Caracas.

She indicated that Maduro will serve for a period of six years (2013 – 2019) in accordance with articles 230 and 233 of the Constitution.

Maduro was the candidate of the Bolivarian Revolución in Sunday’s presidential elections, backed by the political parties Patria Para Todos (PPT), the Comunist Party of Venezuela (PCV), Independientes por la Comunidad Nacional (IPCN), Podemos, the Revolutionary Workers’ Party (PRT), Redes, Unión Patriótica Venezolana (UPV), Tupamaros, Movimiento Electoral del Pueblo (MEP), Corrientes Revolucionarias Venezolanas (CRV), the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv) and Nuevo Camino Revolucionario (NCR).

AVN/ Press – Venezuelan Embassy to the US/ April 16, 2013

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