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Nicol?s Maduro Elected President of Venezuela Until 2019

Nicolás Maduro has emerged as the winner of the election held on Sunday in Venezuela. The president of the country’s National Electoral Council, Tibisay Lucena, announced last night that Maduro had obtained 50.66% of the votes counted for a total of 7,505,338. Meanwhile, Henrique Capriles obtained 7,270,103 votes for a total of 49.07%.

The National Electoral Council (CNE) released its first bulletin with the results just after 11 PM at its headquarters in Plaza Caracas. Lucena called on political leaders to convey a message of to their followers.

Lucena indicated that the electoral results announced with 99.12 % of the vote tallied, were irreversible.

“Today Venezuela has spoken, and it has spoken loudly. These are the electoral results. We call on everyone to go home calmly, peacefully, and with characteristic solidarity,” Lucena said.

“Today is a special day for Venezuela,” she continued. “Once again the destiny of democracy in Venezuela has been put to the test. The country has gone through difficult moments, there is no doubt about that, and as always it has emerged from these difficulties with tranquility and peace to strengthen democracy.”

“At this moment let’s make what we have always been a reality, a tranquil people that decided a long time ago that the destinies of the country will be decided through voting,” she said.

YVKE Mundial/ Press – Venezuelan Embassy to the US/ April 15, 2013

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