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Vice President Maduro:President Ch?vez's Policies Made Venezuela a Leader in Human Rights

Vice President Nicolás Maduro praised Venezuela’s election to the United Nations Human Rights Council for the first time in history on Monday, which he attributed to the efforts and policies applied by President Chávez.

In an interview yesterday on Venezolana de Televisión, Maduro said: “Venezuela is reaping the very productive benefits of many years of work by President Chávez… We’re rebuilding our independence. Venezuela obtained a great victory.”

The vice president said that Venezuela is an example to the world on the issue of human rights, given that the country’s Bolivarian Revolution “has great credibility” and has denounced violations in powerful nations, however “we still have some important challenges in building up all rights:
economic, social, political, communications rights, in all senses.”

Maduro said that Venezuela believes in the need to fortify international organizations “that truly promote and guard human rights, not organizations that use human rights for political attacks or to justify political aggressions, and sometimes even military aggressions against entire peoples.”

YVKE Mundial / Press- Venezuelan Embasssy to the U.S. / November 14, 2012

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