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Venezuelan Electoral Council Calls for Peaceful Debate in Gubernatorial Campaigns

The vice president of Venezuela’s National Electoral Council (CNE), Sandra Oblitas, called on candidates for regional elections this December 16 to engage in a peaceful exchange of ideas.

In a press conference, Oblitas also said that campaigning will last until midnight on December 13, and that she hopes the time will be used for debate.

“May the campaigns be a space for ideas and allow voters to make the best decision, to choose the best option with conscience, in peace and tranquility, as we have done in prior elections,” Oblitas said.

The electoral official also pointed out changes to the ballot in some states, such as Trujillo, where the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) candidate Hugo Cabezas was replaced by Henry Rangel Silva. The name and picture of the new candidate will be substituted for the former.

She said the CNE has also received requests from some political organizations to update their logos and names on the ballot, as in the case of parties Opina and Unoe.

Asked about a complaint by the governor of the state of Amazonas, Liborio Guarulla, who said his term doesn’t end until 2014, Oblitas said that Congress ruled in December of 2010 to synchronize voting in all states so that elections occur at the same time.

“The law is clear,” Oblitas said. “The terms are regulated and it is not by the CNE, but rather, by the laws of the Republic.”

In this sense, she called on citizens to respect the electoral institution, saying: “as always it guarantees peaceful and tranquil elections, and ensures that everyone is informed about the process.”
AVN/ Press-Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S. / November 2, 2012

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