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Venezuela Holds International Forum on Afro-Descendants

The first International Forum on Afro-Descendants and the Decolonization of Memory began Monday in Venezuela’s capital city of Caracas with the participation of representatives from 12 countries across Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa. It runs until Saturday.

Participating in the opening session were the Venezuelan Minister of People’s Power for Culture Pedro Calzadilla and Vice Minister for Africa Reinaldo Bolívar.

Also present was Piedad Córdoba, an activist from the movement Colombians for Peace and prominent human rights advocate in the region.

The forum is organized by Venezuela’s National Archives, National Historical Center, and the Cultural Office. Its program includes debates about the historical realities and transformations of African and Latin American cultures, which are linked by common traditions, customs and heritage.

The event will honor the Venezuelan independence leader Juan José Rondón, who is remembered for leading the triumph at the Battle of Pantano in 1819.

Activities are being held at the Contemporary Art Museum and the Librería del Sur at the Teresa Carreño Theater in Caracas. Participants have arrived from Argentina, Colombia, the Ivory Coast, Cuba, Ecuador, the United States, and Trinidad and Tobago.

Events in Caracas wrap up on Thursday, when the forum moves to Venezuela’s oldest city, Coro, on a peninsula in the state of Falcón, and then to Las Mercedes del Llano and Santa Rita del Manapire in the state of Guárico.

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