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National Electoral Council Carries Out First National Simulation Ahead of Presidential Elections

Open to All Voters. The first national simulation will be August 5th. All Venezuelans can participate in this activity to familiarize themselves with the electoral platform that will be tested at all stages.

 The National Electoral Council (CNE) will test the technological platform ahead of the October 7 presidential elections in Venezuela in the first national simulation to be held on Sunday, August 5th, so voters can familiarize themselves with the voting system. 

During this national technical test, open to all voters, the technological and logistical elements that will be used on the day of the election will be tested. They will monitor closely the deployment procedures, contingency and withdrawal of election materials and will simulate the vote tallying process and transmission of data in order to test the operation of two national centers of vote tallying.

In this first national drill, voters will have direct contact with the electoral voting circuit and may interact with the Integrated Authentication System (SAI) and the largest new electronic ballot screen with LED lighting. The aim of the CNE will be to compare the voter's experience with the new elements of the electoral system.

The first national drill was scheduled, in accordance with the election schedule, for August 19th, but was moved up to start the process of verification of the electoral platform of the electorate and familiarization with the new elements in the voting table as soon as possible.

CNE / Press Office – Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S. / July 20, 2012

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