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Contest: Celebrate Venezuela's Independence Day With Sim?n Bol?var and Francisco de Miranda

To commemorate Venezuela’s Independence Day on July 5, the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to the U.S. is inviting the public to submit pictures taken with statues of our national heroes Simón Bolívar or Francisco de Miranda, and one lucky winner will receive a digital camera. Entries will be accepted until July 5, 2012, and the winner will be chosen at random.

Venezuela’s independence leaders are remembered throughout the world, not just as the leaders of great battles, but also as intellectuals and political visionaries. Simón Bolívar’s dream of Latin American unity remains alive today in the spirit of integration that has been reborn in Venezuela and across the region. Francisco de Miranda, another cosmopolitan patriot, fought in the Venezuelan War for Independence as well as in the French Revolution and the U.S. Revolutionary War.

For this reason, there are statues of Bolívar and Miranda not just in Caracas and other cities throughout Venezuela, but around the world. Simón Bolívar statues exist in Washington, DC, New York City, Houston, Baltimore, Buenos Aires, Berlin and dozens of other cities. Meanwhile, there are statutes of Francisco de Miranda in places such as Paris, London, St. Petersburg and Philadelphia to name a few.

From June 20 until July 5, the Embassy of Venezuela to the U.S. is collecting photographs taken with the statues of our revolutionary leaders anywhere in the world. Those who are unable to locate statues may submit a drawing. One winner will be selected to receive a brand new, 14-megapixel point-and-shoot digital camera.

All are welcome to participate, regardless of nationality, age, sex, creed, or other distinction. Photos should be submitted by July 5 to, and should include your name, address and phone number. Please note that entries will be posted on the Embassy’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Press Office – Embassy of Venezuela to the U.S. / June 21, 2012

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