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Registration Period for Presidential Candidates in Venezuela Begins Today

From today until June 11, persons wishing to run in Venezuela’s presidential elections on October 7 may register as official candidates with the country’s National Electoral Council (CNE).

During this time, candidates must present the required documents to the CNE, the independent branch of government that oversees elections in Venezuela. Requirements vary depending on whether a person is seeking candidacy by his or her own initiative or through an organized group of voters, as established under the Organic Law of Electoral Processes (Lopre).

The country’s main political parties and social movements have allied to put forth as their candidate the current Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. Those groups include the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), the Communist Party of Venezuela (PCV), the Tupamaros organization and Venezuelan Popular Unity (UPV).

The CNE’s Electoral Board will review the documents presented by each potential candidate to ensure that they are complete and that the candidacy is valid according to the law. If documents are not complete, political organizations will have 48 hours to complete them.

Those who present candidacies will be able to see the status of their postulation on the CNE’s website.

Meanwhile, postulations may be challenged from June 3 to 28 in instances in which CNE requirements are not fulfilled.

Candidates may be modified or substituted up to 10 days before the election, and if there is insufficient time to reprint ballots, votes will go to the substitute candidate.

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