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President Ch?vez's Medical Care in Cuba is Free

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez is receiving medical attention for free in Cuba, thanks to the Cuba-Venezuela Integral Health Convention signed by both countries twelve years ago this November.

This was confirmed yesterday by the coordinator of the project, Jhonny Ramos, during an exclusive interview with the Venezuelan newspaper Correo del Orinoco.

The Cuba-Venezuela Integral Health Convention was the first convention among hundreds signed by the two countries, and was created to provide health care services to patients that could not afford treatment in Venezuela’s private clinics.

Ramos said “President Chávez, when he traveled to Cuba [last year] and had to have surgery, asked how many patients had gone to the country. We gave him the figure and he affirmed that he also wanted to be part of the Cuba-Venezuela Convention. For that reason, Ramos said that President Chávez is now included in the statistics.”

He explained that the exaggerated accounts by various media outlets regarding the cost of the president’s medical treatment “is part of the laboratories of dirty war of the Venezuelan opposition and repeated many times by people who are ignorant, those that attack Cuba without remembering the common ties between these two countries. Nor do these media recognize the proposals of Simón Bolivar, who fought for Latin American integration.”

Ramos said the medical costs of the 50,911 Venezuelans that have traveled to Cuban hospitals – including  patients and those that accompany them – are assumed by the Cuban government.
“We haven’t had to pay absolutely anything through the energy agreement for the care of these patients. We just pay the transportation costs,” Ramos said.

Correo del Orinoco / Press – Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S. / April 20, 2012

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