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Venezuela's "Barrio Adentro" Clinics Visited Over 500 Million Times

The social mission known as Barrio Adentro (“Inside the Neighborhood”) celebrates nine years of operation on Monday, in which time its free clinics have been visited over 500 million times, representing a change in Venezuela’s health care model, announced Vice President for Social Issues, Yadira Córdova.

“Barrio Adentro came to change the model of health care, providing primary care; it guarantees that the assistance required by families is there in the communities, and [is] a model that will ensure prevention,” Córdova said in reference to the ninth anniversary of the social program.

In a televised interview, the minister said that Barrio Adentro was the first social program created after the coup d’état in 2002, and it helped change the system of free public services which are now provided at facilities throughout the country to guarantee the people’s right to health.

Córdova said Barrio Adentro is a key aspect of the Cuba-Venezuela cooperation agreement, through which the former country has provided medical doctors, whom were recently joined by 8,170 graduates of the Bolivarian University of Venezuela trained in integral community health.

The minister said that more physicians are set to graduate soon, trained with a different vision of health that is “more humane and less commercial. Year by year we’re graduating more doctors, that’s one of the goals of the revolution.”

As of May 2011, it is estimated that Barrio Adentro has saved 1.4 million lives in Venezuela, a figure that continues to grow.

At the program’s 24-hour Integral Diagnostic Centers alone, as of last year, more than 59 million emergency cases were seen, about half a million people received intensive care, and  927,751 surgeries were performed.

AVN / Press – Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S. / April 16, 2012

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