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Venezuelan President Condemns Murder of Chilean Consul's Daughter

President Chávez assured that “the full weight of the law must fall on those who committed this barbaric crime.”

On Monday, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez strongly condemned the “brutal murder” of Karen Berendique, the daughter of the Chilean consul in the western city of Maracaibo. President Chávez assured that “the full weight of the law must fall on those who committed this barbaric crime.”

In a phone interview broadcast in the state television, the Venezuelan president insisted that he is “the first to condemn violence and violations of human rights,” and that the murder last Saturday of the 19-year-old Chilean consul’s daughter cannot be justified.

President Chávez also said that “it is unacceptable for any person, from any police corps, to open fire irresponsibly” against an unknown car, especially without identifying itself.
“Who in their right mind would fire and use firearms against a car just because it didn’t stop? I am the first one to condemn that violence and aggression… I urge those who do that difficult service in the streets: it’s not possible, whatever their rank, they have no right to use arms that way,” he said.
Additionally, he expressed his condolences to the Chilean consul and his family, and highlighted that security and investigation forces are joining efforts to clarify the crime.

Karen Berendique, age 19, died last Saturday after being shot three times by officials of the Corps of Scientific, Penal and Criminal Investigations (CICPC), while she was in a car with her brother.
Twelve CICPC officials are under arrest for this brutal murder. The CICPC has announced that of those arrested, at least five officials would face charges for homicide, the violation of international agreements, cover-up and improper police practice.

The CICPC officials, including a sub-commissioner and members of the brigade against homicides and vehicle theft, were moved to the headquarters of a command and faced a hearing that lasted over six hours.

The Ministry of People’s Power for Interior and Justice released a statement expressing that those responsible will be firmly and objectively punished in accordance with the law. Read the full statement here.

TeleSUR / Press Office – Venezuelan Embassy to the U.S. / March 20, 2012

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